Privacy and Cookie Policy

Effective January 1 2021

Privacy and Cookie Policy

Hi, I’m Eric Flemming, an actual person, and the sole operator, maintenance person and shop keeper for the website I very much value your privacy and want to ensure you that any personal information my website collects is for the purpose of site functionality and/or ensuring visitors have a good experience. This policy explains the personal information that collects and describes how it is secured, collected, used and shared. Use of the website constitutes an acceptance of this privacy policy and if you disagree with the policy please do not continue to use for any purpose. For information on how visitors are permitted to use the website please see the terms and conditions document.

If you have any questions or complaints regarding this policy feel free to email me using the site contact form or write to:

Eric Flemming

67 Scotch Bush Road

Dacre, Ontario

K0J 1N0

Information collected when browsing uses secure socket layer protection to keep your personal information safe. When visiting this website an IP addresses is collected. IP address collection through is an incidental process that occurs as a result of computers needing a public method of communicating from one device to the other. An IP address is specific to a computer but does not include a name, street address, or any other additional information that can personally identify an individual. After collection IP addresses are used by this website’s analytics program to record how many unique visitors have come to, what country the visitor is from, and what day and time they visited. Knowing this basic information about site visitors is useful in telling me what on my site is of interest to people and where the interest in my website is coming from.

Information collected when purchasing from the Store

When purchasing something from the store in order to successfully buy and ship your item you are required to provide your name, address, an email and payment method information, e.g. a credit card number. Only in the specific instances that are explained below is this information shared with a third party, otherwise your name, address, email and payment method information will not be shared with anyone else or any other third party entity. These three specific instances and the information that is shared in each situation are as follows:

1 – Buying a T-shirt or item of clothing that is drop shipped

  • If you have ordered a t-shirt or item of clothing the name and address you have entered is shared with the drop shipping company that manufacturers the item of clothing so that it can be shipped to the address you have provided.

2 – When sending an email or communicating with

  • Your name, address and email may be shared with a third party when communicating with Details on this potential sharing of your personal information are explained below in the section entitled Communication Privacy.

3- To pay for an item

  • Your name, address, email and payment method information is shared with either Stripe or Paypal whichever company has been used for the purchase of your item. Please note that payment and/or credit card information is not collected or stored by Payment and/or credit card information is managed by the secure servers and operations of either Stripe or Paypal whichever service you have used during checkout. For more information on how these companies use and secure your information please see their individual privacy policies at Paypal and Stripe.

Communication Privacy

Any communication to whether electronic, in person, phone, or by mail may be indefinitely collected or recorded. This is to ensure that both the customer and receive fair treatment in the event of disatisfaction, disagreement or dispute between and the customer. Communications in all forms will only be disclosed to third parties if the information is deemed necessary to be shared with a third party by in order to achieve a resolution.


What is a cookie?

Computer cookies are small text files that are sent to a users computer from the website being visited. Cookies do such things as retain log in information so a visitor does not have to enter the same information when visiting the site again at a later date. For online stores cookies can be used to save shopping cart contents so these cart items are not lost when a customer visits different pages of the same website. Session cookies are retained by a users computer only while the user is visiting the website that has sent the cookie. Persistent cookies remain on a users computer even after they have left the website that has sent the cookie. To control how your web browser handles cookies or opt of accepting cookies in general please see your browser settings most often labeled “privacy” and/or “security”.

Cookies uses uses two session cookies to enhance the functionality of the website and does not use tracking cookies. Please note that if cookies are disabled on your web browser site functionality may be affected. These cookies are:

Name: wc_cart_hash_*
Purpose: Woocommerce – stores items in a visitors shopping cart
Expiry: Session
Type: HTML

Name: wc_fragments_*
Purpose: Woocommerce –  stores a visitors login information so they don’t need to keep logging in if the browser is closed
Expiry: Session
Type: HTML

Third-party Cookies

When purchasing an item from the store you will need to use Stripe or Paypal to complete this purchase. The website has no jurisdiction over how these companies use their cookies or your personal information. Please see their cookie policies for more information:

Paypal privacy policy:

Stripe privacy policy:

Thank you reading this privacy and cookie policy for Please note that it may be updated from time to time should there be changes in the features and functionality of the website.